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What information is being collected and why?

The information collected from our online registration form helps us to determine how many participants will be attending the forum, and enables us to reserve seats and/or information packages for those who pre-register. If you provide your phone number, we can contact you to confirm your registration and inform you if there are any unexpected changes in the forum scheduling. If you provide your email address, we can email you to confirm your registration, inform you if there are any unexpected changes in the forum scheduling, and send you the link to view the forum by webcast if this is your request. Other information on the registration form is intended to provide us with some background information about forum participants to help us plan future forums, and better meet the needs of all participants. This information is used in aggregate form. No individual information is used or shared.

When you visit our iCON website to browse, read pages, or download information, the following information about your visit is automatically collected for the purpose of understanding the value of the iCON website to users by providing us with data on website usage:

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We do not collect or share individualized website usage data. The information is collected and used only in aggregate form to help us understand how visitors use our site e.g. the number of visitors to the site, the pages that are most commonly viewed, and the number of visitors from Canada and out of country. Digital Emergency medicine does not use website usage data to determine your identity unless required to do so as part of an internal investigation or other law enforcement purpose.

Presence of Cookies to Collect Website Usage Data

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In summary, we use cookies to collect meaningful data about the website interaction of all our visitors. We do not use cookies to collect individualized data about site visitors. If you chose to disable your cookies, you will still be able to view the content on the website, but your visit will not be included in our data of website usage.


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